Disability - The Alivera Project

Our aim is to improve the understanding of disability in the community

The Challenge

Disability is often misunderstood in Africa, leading to suffering. Parents often blame themselves for the challenges their children face and many children are hidden away, some even abandoned. Certainly, very few are able to access education and employment.

The Solution - The Alivera Centre

Our solution is founded on the conviction that every young person is special and precious. It was inspired by a lovely girl called Alivera who sadly lost her young life to epilepsy. We were determined to try to prevent this happening to other children with disability.

The Alivera Centre provides residential and outreach training and care in support of children with disability.


  • Improvement in the understanding of disability in the community
  • Improvement in the level of care and inclusion for young people with disability (YPWD) in the home, in school, in the community and workplace

Key Performance Indicators

  • The number of young people with disability (YPWD) being cared for effectively in their homes
  • The number of YPWD accessing mainstream schooling or vocational training
  • The number of YPWD in paid employment
  • The number of YPWD in positions of responsibility


Rwanda Action supports children with disability. We provide training for parents, teachers and carers so that disability will be better understood, and children will be cared for and integrated in their homes, in school and in the community.

We find that with the right kind of support many children do well in mainstream schooling. Indeed, we are working with the primary school adjacent to the Alivera Centre to become a School of Excellence for Special Needs and Inclusive Education and we hope that this will inspire other schools to make better provision for including and caring for children with disability.

Although some of "our" young people with disability are leading independent lives it is still very difficult for them to find work.

It is for this reason that we are now building the Alivera Village alongside the Alivera Centre. This will provide accommodation for up to 32 young people with disability alongside the opportunity for work experience, developing skills and gaining confidence. The Village includes a small farm, a craft workshop, a cafe, a hairdressing salon and a shoe-making workshop. Young people will gain two years' work experience, after which we will support them to move into full-time employment or set up their own small businesses.

We believe that the Alivera Village will open the eyes of the wider community to the potential of young people with disability. We hope to welcome the first residents at the start of 2022.

The Future

We aim to make The Alivera Project so successful that it will become a model for the support of young people with disability in other districts in Rwanda.

You can help The Alivera Centre by sponsoring a child for £20 per month. Please do contact us for more information about this, and other opportunities to make a difference.

Formerly Rwanda Aid, we are a charity that is empowering communities to reduce poverty in Rwanda

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