Environment Policy

Rwanda Action (RA) Environment Policy

Rwanda Action (RA) recognises the importance of the environment and is committed to be an environmentally responsible organisation, in an ongoing and continuous manner.


  1. RA aims to work in a sustainable manner, recognising the social, economic and environmental impacts (negative and positive) in both Rwanda and the UK
  1. RA seeks to reduce the consumption of energy and other resources and will work with staff and volunteers to achieve this
  1. RA will reduce carbon emissions associated with the organisation, where possible, and will offset the negative impact of travel
  1. RA will promote environmentally responsible ways of working to our stakeholders in Rwanda (including beneficiaries, local communities & local government) and RA visitors


To achieve our environmental objectives, we will:

  1. Reduce our environmental footprint where possible, including:
  1. reducing vehicle use
  2. b. reducing paper use, by increasing the use of electronic media and only printing documents where necessary
  3. c. reusing paper and other items and ensuring that surplus equipment is passed on to other organisations
  1. d. recycling as much of our waste as possible and using 100% recycled products, where available
  1. e. reducing water consumption by ensuring rainwater harvesting systems are installed and used at our premises
  1. f. eliminate single use plastic
  1. Explore ways to improve the sustainability of RA’s existing buildings
  2. Consider sustainability when designing projects and buildings
  3. Comply with all legal environmental obligations relevant to the country of operation
  4. Encourage visitors to Rwanda to support RA tree nurseries in offsetting carbon emissions

The list of actions will be prepared in consultation with staff and will be approved by trustees.


Implementation and Monitoring

This policy will form part of all trustee, staff and volunteer induction programmes.

Environmental matters will be a regular agenda item at trustee and staff meetings.

The RA Environmental Committee will have overall responsibility for monitoring the implementation of this policy on behalf of RA trustees.

RA’s Environmental Policy will be reviewed and the list of actions monitored and updated annually by RA trustees.

A report on the actions in this policy will be included in RA’s annual report.


September 2023

Review date

September 2024