Our Supporters

Rwanda Action is generously funded by individuals, schools, special events, trusts and corporates

Rwanda Action is extremely grateful for the help it receives from its wonderful supporters

We pride ourselves on maintaining close and personal links with our sponsors, and providing detailed feedback.

Rwanda Action has also benefited from the wonderful generosity of many individuals and families, via donations or getting involved by creating their own fundraising ideas.


  • Buxted Construction
  • CLS
  • De La Rue
  • DialAflight: Make My Day Better Foundation
  • HSBC Global Education


  • Benenden School
  • Brambletye Preparatory School
  • Devonshire House School

"Devonshire House is proud to support the work of Rwanda Action. Teachers from Devonshire House go each year to Rwanda to support the teacher training. Devonshire House parents and pupils have raised the money to build new classrooms and facilities at Isha Primary school. Last year the Rio to Rwanda danceathon raised £15,000 and every child danced their way through the day. At the other end of the scale two of our classes each sponsor children at the Alivera Centre for disabled children by bringing in £1 each a month. Plans for next year’s fundraising are underway and, having run, rowed and danced to Rwanda over the past four years, we are trying to think of a new idea!"

  • Earlscliffe Sixth Form College
  • King’s School, Canterbury
  • King’s House School
"King's House School has developed a strong, long-term link with Rwanda Action, a charity with the aim of helping develop, extend and maintain practical, self-help and sustainable projects to benefit communities in this province.

Back in 2008, inspired by an article in the Daily Telegraph, an ex-King’s House family provided the funds for the building of a school at Cyato and because of this connection King’s House School, Cyato was born.

Over the last 10 years, many staff members from all areas of the school have travelled over to Rwanda during the summer holiday to perform teacher training and help at many projects that Rwanda Aid are involved in, as well as to take over much needed resources.

As a School community we have made contributions to the building of a street children’s village, a disabled children’s centre, and most recently a much needed playground for King’s House School Cyato."

  • Eleanor Hollis School
  • Ryde School, Hatfield
  • Sevenoaks School
  • Tonbridge School
  • Vinehall School

"Vinehall School has been keen to support projects supporting vulnerable children, in particular raising funds to help the Alivera Centre for children living with disability and Baho Neza Mwana, the street children's Village. A variety of events and activities are held at the school each year which raise funds to support these projects, ranging from silent auctions and sponsored walks for the school and parents to ice cream sales during school performances by small numbers of individual children."

In addition to this, Vinehall staff, parents and former pupils have travelled to Rwanda to see and assist with projects.

  • Wetherby School

"Wetherby Preparatory School are very proud to help support the inspirational work of Rwanda Action. We have primarily been involved in helping with the education projects through our partnership school, Mwegera, where we have built classrooms. When visiting Rwanda we have also been delighted to assist with the teacher mentor training programme. Most recently our fund-raising has helped to build a dormitory at a teacher training college in Nyamasheke. We have also been able to see first-hand the impact of the projects that Rwanda Action are involved in and greatly enjoy working with the team in Rwanda."

Trusts & Foundations

  • Allan and Nesta Ferguson Trust
  • British and Foreign School Society
  • Chalk Cliff Trust
  • Chaloner Children’s Charity
  • Charles Hayward Foundation
  • Commonwealth Girls’ Education Fund
  • Cornflower Trust
  • Frank Jackson Foundation
  • Kowitz Family Foundation
  • Loveaid
  • Madrinha Trust
  • Monica Trust
  • Orchard Family Trust
  • P27
  • The Peter Cundill Foundation
  • The Ronald Taylor Family Foundation
  • Rwanda Hope Foundation
  • Sigrid Rausing Trust
  • Waterloo Foundation
  • Zurich Community Trust


  • London architects Ben Reed and Tim Ryan have designed many of our buildings on a pro bono basis, and civil engineer, Leo Woods, has spent many months in Rwanda overseeing the construction of these buildings
  • Teachers John and Karen Mundy, Kyla Solinger, Matthew Wilkins, Debbie Sellers, Sarah O'Grady, Margie Redstone and Hilary Humphry-Baker have all volunteered in Rwanda to support and develop our school-based mentor programme
  • Disability advisers Christine Pennington, Jo Doyne, Dominique Dorne and Glynn Watkins have helped develop our disability programme in Rwanda
  • Richard Follett, Harriet Taylor, Deanne Thomas, Catherine Richards, Jane Howard-Smith and Sam and Katy Humphry-Baker spent time in Rwanda supporting our enterprise programme
  • Alison Wright and Nick Dyde helped develop the farm programme

Formerly Rwanda Aid, we are a charity that is empowering communities to reduce poverty in Rwanda

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