Meet Our Team

Responsible for managing the charity in Rwanda and delivering projects

Alex Omoit

Alex Omoit Country Director

Felix Tuyisenge

Felix Tuyisenge Disability and Inclusion Manager

David Chaplin, OBE

David Chaplin, OBE Founder

Janyis Watson

Janyis Watson CEO

Charles Ogilvie

Charles Ogilvie Finance Director and Secretary

Sally Chaplin

Sally Chaplin Craft Manager and Co-Founder

Francine Dusabumuremyi

Francine Dusabumuremyi Administration and Finance Manager

Patrice Kalisa

Patrice Kalisa Transport Manager

Phenias Ntakirutimana

Phenias Ntakirutimana Teacher Mentor Trainer

Honorata Uwizeye

Honorata Uwizeye Cashier, The Alivera Project

Sylvere Baziruwiha

Sylvere Baziruwiha Teacher Mentor Trainer

Isaac Niyonsenga

Isaac Niyonsenga Building Communities Project Manager

Jean Damascene

Jean Damascene The Alivera Project Administrative Assistant