Aphrodis is reaping the rewards of his hard work

After support through primary school and vocational training, Aphrodis is building a bright future for himself

Aphrodis is deaf and has been supported by Rwanda Action from primary school through to vocational training college, where he studied masonry.

Since graduating he served an apprenticeship and found employment against the challenges of very high youth unemployment in Rwanda. Despite his lack of experience, he was admired by fellow workers for his skills and the courage to work hard. On the construction site, he was eager to learn more techniques and proved a valuable worker. Aphrodis is now described by others as an experienced mason and paid at the same rate as his peers. It is wonderful to see him admired for his abilities.

Rwanda Action’s sign language training for families means good communication at home and Aphrodis' sister was surprised and delighted to be offered construction work as well so that she could interpret for him.

Aphrodis is from a very poor family but since starting work, he has been able to buy a mobile phone, clothes, shoes, a mattress and bedding. He has also saved and bought a bicycle that takes him to work. His parents have expressed their gratitude for the opportunities that Aphrodis has been able to seize as a result of Rwanda Action’s support and they have all benefitted from his hard work.

Most importantly, Aphrodis is planning his future. He is happy with his standard of living for now but is saving to buy some animals and a piece of farmland and eventually to have his own house. We are all so proud of his determination.

Aphrodis at work