Welcome to Rwanda Action's newsletter, October 2021

As Rwanda continues to bring the pandemic under control, we have been able to expand the delivery of our work in communities

Welcome to Rwanda Action’s Autumn newsletter, written by Jonas Ngirinshuti, RA’s Enterprise Development Manager in Rwanda.

We are delighted and thankful to keep you updated on our good news from different activities and achievements over the past three months.

Rusizi Social Care Centre

Isaac Niyonsenga was appointed as the Director of Rusizi Social Care Centre. He is feeling excited to develop a team to deliver services such as taking care of reintegrated street children, supporting them with their families and in education. We are helping the families of former street children who were supported at our street children centre to reduce poverty through income generating businesses and farming activities. Here is Elise with the bicycle which he will use for delivering goods.

The Alivera Project

In order to establish a better understanding of disability, we enable people with hearing disabilities be effectively cared for and get better services in their homes, the community or other institutions. The Alivera Centre conducted the third phase sign language training for community leaders who may help deaf children in their community.

The Executive Secretary of NCPD and a RNUD Advisor accompanied the Vice Mayor in charge of Social Affairs (Nyamasheke) in visiting Fidele and his trainees, they felt very happy to see that Fidele and his deaf colleagues can do such amazing activities which they think other centres may learn from The Alivera Centre. After their visit, we were impressed to see that Fidele’s story is circulating on televisions and their social media, and in a meeting with ministers, the Executive Secretary of NCPD shared the success story of Fidele and the good the Alivera Project is doing for disabled people.

Regardless of the rainy season holding up the building activities for some time, we made a good effort and made a good progress on construction of The Alivera Village. The picture below shows the cafe building nearing completion.

The brickwork is being cleaned and coated, a drainage channel has been completed and the electricity connection from the main supply is in place. The internal electricity and plumbing installation is continuing to each building. We plan to open the village in January.

Farmer training

We continued to conduct the follow up with the farmers that we supported in the past, checking and advising them in their daily activities of keeping animals and growing crops.


Our Education Team carried out two main activities in Rusizi and Nyamasheke Districts these are: Conducting residential trainings for Lead Teachers and School Based Mentors and planning activities for the coming term. We, especially our education team, were delighted to welcome BAZIRUWIHA Sylvère who was appointed as the Assistant Mentor Trainer. Trainings were conducted at Rusizi Social Care Centre, and the participants and partners from both Rusizi and Nyamasheke were happy and supportive.


After a couple of years when Rosalie and Jeanette were not able to reach to our office Munezero House from Nkombo Island, we were delighted to welcome them, bringing some nice handcrafts they produced. The craft making ladies from Nkombo and Ntendezi were working hard with Sally and Jonas in order to help you having a colourful Christmas celebration in this year, regardless the covid19 restrictions that we continued to experience. You can order craft at Rwanda Action Craft Shop.

During this hard journey that we all continued to face the challenges from COVID19 and its consequences, we are thankful for using whatever available opportunities and strengths to help people making a difference in their lives.

Thank you for enabling us to make it possible!

Jonas Ngirinshuti

Formerly Rwanda Aid, we are a charity that is empowering communities to reduce poverty in Rwanda

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