Welcome to Rwanda Action's newsletter, August 2021

We have been delivering support to people suffering from the impact of the pandemic

Welcome to Rwanda Action's newsletter, written by Jonas, our Enterprise Development Manager in Rwanda.

Here he tells us about some of the Rwandan team's activities, illustrating what a busy time it has been, despite the Covid-19 restrictions.

Rusizi Social Care Centre

We provided different kinds of support to 18 families of former street children. Ten families were given livestock and pens, three families were supported with doing small businesses, seven families had toilets built, one homeless family was given a rented house and there are two parents who were given sewing machines to help them improving their lives. All families were trained so that they could make the most of the support.

The Alivera Centre

A residential training course in sign language was successfully held for 16 trainees. They are eight young children with hearing disability and their parents. This training was aiming to establish a better understanding of disability and enable people with disabilities to be effectively cared for in their homes and in the community.

Another 5-day training in physiotherapy was given to parents of children with physical disabilities, where parents came with their young children. In the same training more practices were done to model how parents would do the same at home. It was mainly aiming at disability awareness and helping young children with physical disability to be effectively cared for at home.


The building of The Alivera Village continues to move forward with good progress. During these anti-Covid-19 restrictions when people are not allowed to travel from one district to another, our Construction Manager, Isaie is staying near the site to ensure high standards of building and engineering works.

Xaverine is an Engineering graduate, supported through university by the Madrinha Trust, who doing an internship with Rwanda Action. She is appreciating and enjoying the skills and experience that she is gaining on the site.

Farming and Livestock

We continued to support farmers who are being affected by Covid-19. Fifteen associations of farmers from across Rusizi and Nyamasheke districts appreciated how this is going to help them support themselves. Four associations were bought agricultural land, eleven were bought small animals such as pigs and goats. This happened after conducting successful training for those fifteen associations in their respective sectors.

Enterprise Development

After helping the cooperatives that were affected by Covid-19, we were impressed with the progress that they are making and the increased incomes of their businesses. Notably, the Abishiyize welders from Nkombo Island were motivated by their good work on this island, which attracted clients from the mainland.


We were delighted to successfully carry out mentorship activities, including joint lesson observations and providing feedback in the 16 poorest performing schools across both districts. We offered materials to all 16 schools to be used in teaching and learning, including mathematical sets for all P6 students, a geometry set for each teacher, 30 rice sacks (used for educational posters), 10 boxes of marker pens, 20 masking tape, 10 ropes and a box of nails. After the tests done in early June, the nine best performing students across three subjects in each school were rewarded with six exercise books and two pens.

During this hard journey when we all continued to face the challenges of Covid-19 and its consequences, we are thankful for using whatever available opportunities and strengths to help people make a difference to their lives.

Thank you for enabling us to make that possible.

Jonas Ngirinshuti

Formerly Rwanda Aid, we are a charity that is empowering communities to reduce poverty in Rwanda

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