Welcome to Rwanda Action's newsletter, April 2021

With schools re-opening and travel allowed as lockdown eases, this has been a very busy time for the team

Welcome to Rwanda Action's newsletter! We are delighted and thankful to share with you some good news from different activities and achievements that happened from January to March 2021, in different departments, in both Rusizi and Nyamasheke districts.

Rusizi Social Care Centre

After changing the centre from Baho Neza Mwana to Rusizi Social Care Centre, we were delighted to recruit and welcome the new staff. NDAYAMABAJE David is the Director of the centre and NIYONIRINGIYE Marcel is the Family Welfare Officer. They started visiting the families of former street children and assessing their most pressing needs, helping them improve their living conditions and develop themselves.

The Alivera Centre

Fidele has successfully completed his shoemaking training in the Northern Province. He was excited to receive start-up materials from Rwanda Action. He will use them setting up his shoemaking business and training others at the Alivera Centre.

In order to ensure a better understanding of disability and care and services in the community, we organised a second successful sign language training course for 20 people from the community. They will support people with hearing disability.

The children were very happy for school resuming after spending around ten months staying at home during the Covid-19 situation.


We were delighted to start the building of the Alivera Village accommodation, workshops, shops, kitchen and café. The building works are making good progress and will be completed in six months period.


With the support of Swiss Development Co-operation, we were able to resurrect twelve start up co-operatives from Rusizi and Nyamasheke districts. Some of the businesses were closed due to Covid-19 impacts, such us lockdowns and travel restrictions. Both the co-operatives and partnering sectors and districts highly appreciated the materials and equipment which will help to resurrect their businesses.

Farm training

Follow up visits were conducted to over 40 farmers that we trained and supported in 2019 and 2020 on growing crops. It was encouraging to see they are making good improvements in making compost, erosion control, diseases control, etc.

We have successfully distributed 15,884 tree seedlings to the community at Nkombo Sector, in Rusizi District.

We started assessing the achievement, success, challenges and future plans of farming associations so that we may provide additional support to help them recovering from Covid-19 consequences.


We have mainly concentrated on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training and implementing the Learning Initiative programme in the 16 poorest performing schools in Rusizi and Nyamasheke districts. The training participants included head teachers, directors of studies, school based mentors and school subject leaders. We will continue monitoring and evaluating through lesson observation, giving constructive feedback and setting SMART targets.


The ladies who continued to make different handcrafts thank all people who are interested in buying their work to keep them busy and contributing to their families’ improvement.

During this hard journey that we all continued to face the challenges of Covid-19 and its consequences, we are thankful for using whatever available opportunities and strengths to help people making a difference in their lives.

Thank you for enabling us to make it possible!

Jonas Ngirinshuti, Enterprise Development Manager

Formerly Rwanda Aid, we are a charity that is empowering communities to reduce poverty in Rwanda

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