The Roofs are on The Alivera Village!

The village is being built to help young people living with disability to gain skills and work experience

Great progress has been made over the past few weeks at the construction site

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions reducing the number of builders on site from 80 to 40, fantastic progress has been made. All brick elevations and roofs are in place and the two septic tanks are almost complete. Welders have been onsite making the doors and windows from scratch and these will be installed by the end of August.

The village has four residential houses, with separate accommodation for house parents. There are shop and workshop units where small cooperatives will be established and there will be a great cafe and well maintained toilets. We expect the businesses to include a craft workshop, a hairdressing salon, shoemaking workshop, a pharmacy to serve the local community. The businesses will offer apprenticeships to the resident young people, who will come to stay at the village for up to two years.

The following photographs show how the village is taking shape, against all the challenges of the pandemic. We are all so excited and look forward to being able to return to Rwanda in time for its opening in January.

The cafe building


Workshops, block 3

Residential houses for girls

Block 4

Septic tank under construction

Metal windows being made on site

Windows and doors ready to be fitted

Retaining wall separating the Alivera Centre and Village

This construction project has provided work for many local people during very difficult times. The whole community will benefit from the business opportunities and the chance to work alongside the wonderful young people who will come here to gain work experience and independence. We are all so grateful for the incredible support which enabled this project, which has already touched so many lives.

Thank you.