David plans to build his own house

Since leaving school, David has set up a small business

David is the fourth child in a family of six children and since completing boarding school, he has returned to live with his parents, who farm a very small piece of land in Nyamasheke. David lives with physical disabilities.

David was supported through primary and secondary school by The Madrinha Trust but failed to achieve the grades needed to study at university. Rather than doing a vocational training course, David was determined to set up a small business to meet his own needs and not be dependent on his family.

He started selling phone cards and soon branched out to selling bread, avocado and bananas. He negotiated space in a local shop and was very positive about his future. Unfortunately, the pandemic has had a severe impact on the local economy and the shop owner wanted to increase his rent from 3,000 to 45,000 Rwf per month. David had to stop trading but saved the 50,000 Rwf that he had in takings. Given how difficult times are, the temptation to spend it on necessities must have been huge.

Rwanda Action has decided to match his savings so that he can re-start his business, which should help him to expand the phone services he can sell as well as other products that bring a greater profit.

David’s goals for the future include developing his small business so that he has security and independence. His parents have an area of land available for him to build his own house and once he has the means to complete this, he wants to get married.